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*What's Shinto?*
Shinto is a general term for the activities of the Japanese people to worship all the deities of heaven and earth, and its origin is as old as the history of the Japanese. It was towards the end of the 6th century when the Japanese were conscious of these activities and called them 'Way of Kami(the deity or the deities )'. It coincides the time when the 31st Emperor Yomei prayed before an image of Buddha for the first time as an emperor for recovery of his illness. Thus accepting Buddhism, a foreign religion, the Japanese realized existence of a tradition of their own faith.

After having gone through a long history since then, this indigenous faith, Shinto, has been developed into four main forms: the Koshitsu Shinto ( Shinto of the Imperial House), the Jinja Shinto (the Shrine Shinto), the Shuha Shinto (the Sect Shinto), and the Minzoku Shinto (the Folk Shinto).

*The Sube shrine history*
The Ninna times and the Engi times
The Sube shrine is the shrine which is in the Engi formula of the ancient writing book and is one in six which is in the Inasa district of ToutohmiThe Sizuoka prefecture Hamamastu city in Japan in today. When built in 887. The times of emperor " the Koukou emperor " with the 58th era, it is introduced. Because the city Miyakoda where a shrine was built was developed as the kitchen in the god sign of Ise, it thinks that the festival god did to the god who is the same as the god sign. A palace in the right was called the Naiguu and it was built on the mountaintop of city Miyakoda Sube. A palace on the left side was called Gekuu and it was built at the city Nakastu. It moved two shrines of 2 ( 902 ) of Engi to the place at present and we honored them nominally and it got to call them Sinmeiguu or Sube shrine.

*What's Shinto?*
*What's Jinja Shinto?*
*What's Koshitsu Shinto?*
*What's Shuha Shinto?*
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